Baby blankets revisited

The baby blanket is done. Beautiful long stapled pima cotton. The baby will certainly be able to “grow into” this blanket, and keep it til well past his toddler years. Before giving it to him, though, I had to play just a bit. Realize it would make a beautiful wrap or shawl, with different dimensions. Very versatile.

More colour inspirations

Tis tulip season here in Saint John New Brunswick, and this week we have been treated to an unabashed display of colour and beauty in the city parks and streets. And that has wended its way into my weaving this week, along with the summery colours of the scarves I started and finished last week. Next up? Some cotton scarves in the same colourway.

The story of one scarf

I discovered this wonderful yarn called “llama silk”: 40 % wool, 30% llama, and 30% silk (noil, the nubby kind). Together, the yarn is soft and when woven, has a lovely drape to it. Today, I wound another warp, tied it onto an existing one on the loom, and wove it up. Tomorrow, I’ll do the trimming and washing to see how the threads snuggle into place as they want to (they do that, you know:-).

Colour inspiration for today

I do love my daily calendar image, from the art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This painting is for today, and in my studio, I gathered my handmade felt and thrums of my handspun yarn….haven’t made anything yet. Just letting it all speak to me as I continue making the HeartFelt(ed)s, those wee ornaments that beautify and brighten up any space, any mood, any day…..