Needed to felt, so felt I did…

Another way of making cloth…take wool roving, add hot water, soap, and sweat (my own, as I provided the “friction” required to make felt), and in a relatively short bit, the soft fluffy separate pieces of wool that could blow away with a gentle breeze, interlock and become one single strong piece of cloth. Like weaving, very magical.

I did have to move my studio mates to make room for the felting paraphernalia, but they were much interested in the process so watched on…


stormy day…perfect for making a few hearts

gathered up some of my handdyed and handfelted felt to see what kinds of hearts would emerge. as you’ll see, one had a bit of help from Van Gogh, so to speak. his painting La Berceuse was the colour inspiration for the leftover bits and bobs of felt and yarns/threads. find it very satisfying to cobble together the “unwanteds” (those leftover bits too small to create a heart in its entirety) and let the stitching pull them all together into a whole new entity….

100_1071          100_1069

truly green dishcloths…won’t fall apart after 10 uses:-)


using the frame loom (called a pin loom here I think) that I got in argentina to weave dishcloths for stocking stuffers. why, you ask? because it’s my form of textural doodling, it uses up my stash, and mostly because the 100% cotton dishcloths are better than any I’ve ever bought! made to last, and yes, you can machine wash and dry them as often as you like. My new year’s resolution is to buy/acquire less, but what I get will be of very good quality with no built-in obsolescence.