another batch of new scarves, and the realization of where inspiration has seeped in

So I have this wonderful book about textiles around the world, a resource book for me that I look at — longingly and lovingly — every so often. Was using it as a weight while trimming the latest scarves off the loom, and realized just how much it has seemingly influenced my work. That, or the wonderful textiles I have amassed over the years from around the world. At any rate, the influence is seeping into my work, which delights me! Yes, those are my scarves to the left of the book.

Nov 11 world textiles as inspiration for my scarves

Preparing scarves to take to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery Shop

Will be the featured artist from the New Brunswick Crafts Council at the gift shop at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery from November through January. So, I’m busy preparing my handwoven scarves for their Fredericton debut:-) These are some from which I will select.

And then yesterday during the rain, wind, and very high tides, I happily played with yarns in the studio, conjuring up all kinds of new weaving warps and projects. Itching to start on the next project….Oct 29 Scarves on the Line 2Oct 29 Yarns on tidied shelves